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Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends, get 100 Coins

Camp is fun to experience together!
Buddy up and you’ll both get 100 coins that you can use at the Happy Camper Live Canteen when they join!

OFFER TERMS : Invite a friend Instructions & Terms: Sign up for a Happy Camper Live subscription and share your personal invitation link, which will be available on your online account, with your friends. As soon as your friend purchases a Happy Camper Live subscription through your link, you will receive a confirmation email that your friend has joined. 100 Coins will be added to you and your friend’s plans once your friend continues their subscription for 1 month. If you provide your friend’s email information,Happy Camper Live will only use your friend’s information to deliver the message on your behalf and will not use it for other purposes.

Happy Camper Live Coins are not transferable or redeemable for cash. The Invite a Friend Program can be combined with other joining offers for new or rejoining members. To cancel, Go to your Profile and follow the instructions on the Manage Subscriptions page.