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The World's Best Camp Staff

National and world champion athletes. Top-notch coaches. Broadway composers, amazing artists, and masterful chefs. At Happy Camper Live, our exceptional team of talented and enthusiastic staff hail from every continent in the world, and each counselor is dedicated to spark campers' creativity by offering expert, east-to-follow advice, boundless enthusiasm, and a passion for having fun at summer camp!

Our campers are counselors too! As a Counselor in Training (CIT's), specially selected campers (the ones who really know their stuff) get the opportunity to share their skills with other campers.

Our staff and campers are what makes Happy Camper Live a great place to explore new things, develop new skill and try out all the fun activities that summer camp has to offer every day of the year.

Our Counselors

Jason Silberman

Magic Counselor

Aaron Gough

Adventure Counselor

Adam Alspaugh

Waterski Counselor

Alana Slone

Lacrosse Counselor

Colin Amaral

Golf Counselor

Courtney Ortiz

Photography Counselor

David Weinstein

Music Counselor

Griffin Miller

Percussion Counselor

Jack Harris

Soccer Counselor

Jessica Tingle

Gymnastics Counselor


Tennis Counselor

Kyle Salmons

Taekwondo Counselor

Larry Albright

Hip Hop Counselor

Melissa Jacobson

Singing Counselor

Matt Perlman

Arts and Crafts Counselor

McDonald Jean-Louis

Basketball Counselor

Michael Strauss

Theater Counselor

Nicole Smith

Tap Dancing Counselor

Paige Duffack

Volleyball Counselor

Ryan Dury

Gymnastics Counselor

Sam Slavkin

Robotics and Film Production Counselor


Arts and Crafts and Cheerleading Counselor

Wade Liska

Hockey Counselor

Will Leonard

Baseball Counselor

Global Camps Africa

Camp Sizanani Counselors

Nathan Fernando

Robotics Counselor

Meet the happy camper live team

Rachel Leger

Production Assistant

Rachel Mercer

Lead Editor

Aimee Berger

Head of Experiential Partnerships

Jason Geller JMediaHouse

Public Relations Company

Madison Dratch

Digital Marketing Manager